Whenever it comes to unblocking websites, the Internet is literally overflowing with hundreds of different methods and techniques to do so. Most of them involve proxy sites, that are steaming with advertisements which unless you are an “EXTREMELY PATIENT” person, could bear with them. Other than that if you are in a region that blocks streaming websites like Hulu and  Pandora, non of these methods work properly enough to allow you access to such platforms.

But recently I found a solution, that not only unblocks my blocked websites but also allows me to access to audio video streaming websites like Hulu and Pandora, and all that without decreasing any of my browsing experience, with that I mean there is almost no decrease in my connection speed, or a junk load of advertisements all over my screen…and best of all its FREEEEEEEEEE!

All right folks enough crap lets get to the real thing, this solution is called Anonymox. Basically it works as an addon for Firefox. Once you install it you are given a list of IP’s from different regions like US, Netherlands and UK. You select any of those IP’s and BAM!! you are in the region of the selected IP and can now access any website that was blocked in your country.

Here is what there website says:

With anonymoX you are able to bypass many kinds of blocks by jelling a virtual Identity in another Country with only a few mouse clicks.

So go ahead and download the plugin, and off you go to a much “Freeer Internet….an Internet without blocks”

Download Here

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